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About Us

All-In-One Solution to Deliver a Seamless Business Communication Experience
via Email, SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, FB Messenger & Telegram

Experience the Future of Business Communication
with Lead Manager Ninja

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Lead Manager Ninja is a game-changing Salesforce Communication App powered by Ksolves, a Salesforce Summit Partner, to elevate your business communication to new heights! It allows you to easily communicate with your customers via Email, SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and much more. With Lead Manager Ninja, you no longer need to switch between apps for communication because everything you require is now available on one app.

Lead Manager Ninja saves time and increases productivity by unifying all of your communication channels into one place and allowing you to track messages in a single inbox. This organized method of communication will help you improve your customer relationships while also increasing your sales. Equipped with outstanding features including One-to-One Multichannel, All-In-One Inbox, In-App Email, Event Dashboard, Link-Open Notification and much more, Lead Manager Ninja simplifies your communication efforts. If you are someone who is looking to level up your communication strategy and improve your ROI, choosing Lead Manager Ninja is a wise decision.

Unleash the Power of  Salesforce Messaging
withLead Manager Ninja

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