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Salesforce WhatsApp Integration

Boost Your Global Communication Strategy
with Salesforce WhatsApp Integration App

Empower your business with a Salesforce WhatsApp integration that connects you with your customers on their preferred platform. Now, streamline your customer interactions, automate responses, and track engagements all within your Salesforce ecosystem. No matter whether you are managing sales leads, providing customer support, or nurturing client relationships, this powerful combination empowers your business efficiency, boosts productivity, and cultivates stronger connections globally.

Stay Connected With Your Customers Wherever They Are With Our #1 WhatsApp Messaging App For Salesforce!

Why Integrate WhatsApp with Salesforce?
Boost Lead Generation
Boost Lead Generation

Utilizing WhatsApp's widespread reach to capture leads directly into Salesforce, enables targeted marketing efforts and boosts conversion rates.

Streamline Communication
Streamline Communication

Consolidate all customer interactions within Salesforce for a unified view and efficient communication management.

Cost-Effective Messaging
Cost-Effective Messaging

Enable to send messages and multimedia at cost-effective prices across the countries, especially where SMS tariffs are higher.

Enhanced Customer Engagement
Enhanced Customer Engagement

Seamlessly connect with customers on their preferred platform, foster stronger relationships, and improve satisfaction.

Efficient Support
Efficient Support

Provide timely and personalized support through WhatsApp to resolve queries faster and increase customer loyalty.

Efficient Support
Expand your Global Reach

Break down the global communication hurdles and connect your customers with WhatsApp messaging from Salesforce.

Do You Know Why Businesses Love WhatsApp Messaging?

Because of its instant communication and efficient customer support with impressive stats!
Open Rates
Conversation Rate
Whatsapp Messages Seen in 5 minutes of Sending
Faster Customer Service Responses
Key Hurdles With
Salesforce WhatsApp Integration
Deployed within your own infrastructure or private cloud.
Accessibility depends on the availability of your internal network.
Businesses, or BSPs, are responsible for performing API software upgrades periodically.
Higher Costs
Incurring costs for setting up and maintaining servers, plus pay-per-use fees
Certificate Management
Businesses are required to manage all their certificate authorities.

Break Through All
WhatsApp Salesforce Integration Challenges with Our
#1 WhatsApp Messaging App for Salesforce!

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What Makes Our
Salesforce WhatsApp Messaging App Stand Out?
Direct Integration via Meta's Cloud API
Advanced Messaging Features
Cost-Effective Solution
Priority on Security and Privacy
Optimized Workflow
Freedom to Exit Anytime

Level Up Your Business With Salesforce WhatsApp Messaging App: Lead Manager Ninja

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Salesforce work with WhatsApp?

Yes, Salesforce works with WhatsApp. Users can download the Messaging App from Appexchange and integrate it with their Salesforce platform to enjoy a seamless WhatsApp messaging experience via Salesforce.

How do I create a WhatsApp template in Salesforce?

To create a WhatsApp template in Salesforce, follow these steps:

  • Start Content Builder and select "Create.
  • Choose "Chat Messaging" from the drop-down menu.
  • Select "WhatsApp Template Message."
  • Next, browse through your approved templates and select the desired language.
  • Choose the variables you want to include in your message.
  • Save your changes.
Is the Salesforce WhatsApp integration secure?

Yes, it's completely secure. Both Salesforce and WhatsApp are reputable, trusted brands known for their commitment to data security. Their integration ensures a highly secure framework, to safeguard user data and enable seamless operations.

Is it possible to send automated messages using the Salesforce WhatsApp integration?

Yes! You can automate messages, but for this, you are required to select a WhatsApp business solution provider. These providers offer pre-designed templates and facilitate automation for both sending messages and managing replies.

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