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Project Name

Streamline Customer Engagement for Finance Company with Salesforce Messaging App

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Client Overview

Our client was running a startup in the finance domain to provide tax-saving solutions to their customers in Sri Lanka. The client was facing the common challenge of dealing with an overwhelming number of customer inquiries on their WhatsApp number. When they launched their website, they offered a contact number for customers to reach out with queries. However, as their popularity surged, the volume of incoming messages became overwhelming for their team to handle. This led to delayed responses, frustrated customers, and missed opportunities for engagement.


The client was facing numerous challenges, including:

  • The team was overwhelmed by the high volume of messages.
  • Slow responses led to unhappy customers.
  • Manual message handling caused delays and missed inquiries.
  • Data security concerns restricted the adoption of any other automated solution.
  • The lengthy approval process for templates slowed down team productivity.


To resolve the key concern of handling thousands of messages, we provided a solution in the form of the Salesforce Messaging App. It resolved the prime concerns: -

  • With the Salesforce Message App, our client managed incoming messages securely while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and avoiding data breaches.
  • Automate the approval process for message templates, which reduced the time required for template validation. It also enabled faster deployment of messaging strategies and improved responsiveness.
  • Our Salesforce Messaging App bot feature allowed instant-reply templates to boost response rates and customer satisfaction levels.
  • Automated message handling and approval processes boost team efficiency, enabling employees to focus on high-priority tasks instead of manual message management.
  • Decreased response times and improved customer engagement metrics led to business growth and enhanced brand reputation.


  • Reduced average response time from 6 hours to just 18 minutes.
  • Decreased data breach incidents by 30%.
  • Automation decreased template validation time by 50%.
  • Accelerated messaging strategy deployment by 40%.
  • Response times decreased by 25%.
  • Boosted customer satisfaction scores by 35%.
  • Increased team efficiency by 45% with automated processes.
  • Achieved 15% business growth and improved brand reputation.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by 45%, which leads to a 20% increase in conversion rates.

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