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Enhance Client Interaction for a UK-based Fintech Startup with our Salesforce Messaging App

Salesforce | WhatsApp Business Cloud API | Facebook Business Suite

Client Overview

Our client runs a UK-based fintech startup with a specialization in online financial services like personal loans, instant payday loans, and cash transfers. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, they provide fast and secure financial transactions via a user-friendly platform. They mainly focus on targeting individuals and families who are looking for alternative financial solutions and providing them with fast and reliable financial services.


The client reached out to us for a scalable and secure solution to address their challenges and enhance efficiency in managing client interactions. The client reached out to us for a scalable and secure solution to address their challenges and enhance efficiency in managing client interactions. They were struggling with numerous challenges, which included:

  • Solely using Facebook Messenger for client communication led to difficulties in interacting with customers.
  • Inadequate management of client data on Facebook resulted in missed opportunities.
  • They were not able to send replies to their customer queries regarding loans, cash transfers, etc. due to the high volume of messages.
  • Faced challenges in sending follow-up and timely reminders to enhance client engagement and satisfaction.
  • Difficulties arose in providing prompt updates on loans, cash transfers, financial transactions, etc.
  • Organizing the large client database for smoother operations was a struggle.
  • Risks associated with third-party communication platforms.
  • Security was the major concern, as they needed to keep the client’s data confidential.
  • Manual process inefficiencies led to errors and consumed more time.


By implementing our Salesforce Messaging App- Lead Manager Ninja, we effectively resolved the primary challenges faced by the client. Here's how it led to optimal outcomes:

  • Our Salesforce Messaging App- Lead Manager Ninja transformed their communication process by enabling direct messaging from Salesforce across various platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram. This fixed their initial problem of struggling to send messages.
  • They could handle replies quickly, even with lots of messages, making it faster to respond to customer questions about loans, cash transfers, and more.
  • Enabled them to consistently follow up and send timely reminders that boost their client engagement and satisfaction.
  • Easily provide quick updates on loans, cash transfers, etc., after integrating our app.
  • Our app organized their client database within Salesforce, making operations smoother by improving access to client information.
  • Reduced risks associated with third-party platforms and ensured data security and compliance.
  • Automation features reduced manual errors and saved time by automating tasks like scheduling messages and responding with templates.
  • Boost their support with Ninjabot, a 24x7 chatbot that helps clients with real-time communication.
  • Ensured compliance with GDPR and data protection regulations, fostering trust.


  • Increased the message delivery success rate by 30%.
  • Reduced message sending time by 50%, leading to faster responses to inquiries.
  • Decreased response time by 40%, resulting in quicker issue resolution.
  • 25% increase in client inquiries, indicating improved engagement.
  • Boosted client satisfaction scores by 30%, strengthening customer relationships.
  • Reduced missed reminders by 80%, leading to fewer missed opportunities.
  • Mitigated data breach risks by 70%, safeguarding sensitive information.
  • Saved 4 hours per employee weekly on repetitive tasks.
  • Reduced manual errors by 75%, improving service quality.

Elevate your Client Interactions with our Salesforce Messaging App – Lead Manager Ninja!