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Project Name

Streamlined Plastic Surgery Clinic Communications and Operations with Lead Manager Ninja

Healthcare, Medical

Client Overview

Our client was running a plastic surgery clinic in Hungary that specialized in providing the finest quality cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures. They helped many people enhance their looks by providing a range of plastic surgeries. The client business was mainly focused on providing cosmetic and reconstructive services to those who were seeking to improve their looks or address specific medical issues through surgical interventions.


  • They needed an efficient system for sending messages from Salesforce via Facebook and WhatsApp.
  • Encountered difficulties in managing their leads effectively.
  • Struggled with handling high volumes of patient visits and inquiries.
  • Scheduling and managing online appointments became challenging due to the increased patient load.
  • Manual appointment scheduling led to conflicts, missed appointments, and patient dissatisfaction due to inefficiencies and errors.
  • They faced challenges in reaching potential patients who were unaware of their services.
  • Providing timely replies to patient queries was a significant challenge.
  • Communicating with patients from diverse linguistic backgrounds posed additional challenges.
  • The clinic needed to ensure compliance with HIPAA standards for patient data security.
  • Experienced a significant number of missed appointments and lacked an efficient system for follow-up reminders.


By implementing our Salesforce Messaging App, Lead Manager Ninja, we efficiently resolved the client's primary challenges. Here's how our solution delivered transformative results:

  • Our Salesforce Messaging App—Lead Manager Ninja transformed their communication process by facilitating direct messaging from Salesforce across multiple platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, etc. This addressed their initial struggle with sending messages effectively.
  • The app enabled swift handling of replies, even amidst a high volume of messages. This expedited response times to customer queries regarding plastic surgeries, appointments, etc.
  • The ability to consistently follow up and send timely reminders significantly boosted client engagement and satisfaction.
  • Lead Manager Ninja App organized their client database within Salesforce to enhance operational efficiency by providing easier access to client information.
  • Reduced missed appointments and improved follow-up efficiency by utilizing automated reminder functionalities.
  • Minimized manual errors and saved time by automating tasks such as scheduling messages and responding with templates.
  • Addressed communication barriers posed by diverse linguistic backgrounds by enabling multilingual support features in the Salesforce Messaging App.
  • Ensured compliance with HIPAA standards for patient data security through robust security measures.
  • With Ninjabot, a 24x7 chatbot was integrated into the system, which boosted client support and facilitated real-time communication and assistance.

Overall, our Salesforce Messaging App—Lead Manager Ninja not only addressed the client's immediate challenges but also provided long-term benefits by optimizing their communication processes, enhancing client satisfaction, and ensuring regulatory compliance.


  • Enhanced message effectiveness by 50% through direct messaging from Salesforce.
  • Reduced response times to queries by 60% for plastic surgeries, appointments, etc.
  • Achieved a 40% increase in client engagement and satisfaction.
  • Improved operational efficiency by 30% with an organized client database.
  • Decreased missed appointments by 50% and improved follow-up efficiency by 45%.
  • Saved 70% of time and minimized errors through task automation.
  • Enhanced communication with diverse backgrounds, resulting in a 50% increase in understanding.
  • Increased client support efficiency by 40% with Ninjabot, the integrated chatbot.

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