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From Challenges to Solutions: How Lead Manager Ninja Transforms Business Communication

Are you frustrated with wasting time switching between communication platforms and devices for business communication? If this sounds familiar, then our native Salesforce communication app, Lead Manager Ninja is the only solution that you would need. Now, you might be wondering, How is Lead Manager Ninja different from the rest? That’s a valid question, and we’re here to give you the answers.

Let’s take a look at the origins of Lead Manager Ninja, as well as its top five features, and discover how these unique features efficiently address communication challenges.

Communication Challenges Faced by Businesses

Effective communication is the key to business success. However, despite the boom of modern technology and various communication channels, businesses encounter their fair share of challenges. From missed messages to scattered conversations, staying connected can become a difficult task.

Our intention in creating Lead Manager Ninja was to overcome these challenges and provide businesses with a better communication experience. Here are a few common challenges that inspired us to create this game-changing application, along with our incredible solutions to these challenges.

Challenge #1: Multichannel Messaging

Let us give you an example that might be relatable to you. Running a business means managing leads across various communication channels like WhatsApp, Email, and SMS. However, expecting replies across all these platforms is unrealistic. Each lead has their own preferences and conversations tend to scatter. Imagine messaging to a lead through Email, SMS, and Whatsapp. It is unlikely that they reply to all these messages. They might reply to your Email, switch to Whatsapp at a café, and then revert to SMS due to an internet glitch. This process of juggling platforms/devices can make you feel frustrated too.

This is where Lead Manager Ninja steps in. Our app unifies all your communication channels, whether it’s Email, SMS, WhatsApp, or more, under one virtual roof. This way, you can effortlessly connect with your leads without the hassle of switching between platforms. All the communication channels you need to establish effective communication with leads are available on a single platform.

Challenge #2: Message Tracking

When the need for multichannel communication increases, there occurs a problem. It is the difficulty of tracking these messages effectively. Since the conversations will be scattered across different channels like Email, SMS, Whatsapp, and more, switching between applications to track down the communication history can be time-consuming.

Imagine your sales representative is out sick, but there are ongoing lead discussions that need attention. Managing past chats, channels used, and the conversation sequence is a must in this case. Even if a new member takes over his place, you don’t have to struggle to fill them in. Because all the communication details they need to know will be available in a single place. In this way, the new member can check all previous conversations and continue communication with the lead there itself.

But, how is this possible? Lead Manager Ninja offers a unique feature called All-In-One Inbox. With this efficient feature, it is easy to track down your communication history, disregarding the channel, referring to timestamp. It doesn’t matter if your conversation occurred via SMS, Whatsapp, Email or any other channel, all-in-one inbox allows you to filter these conversations in a single inbox. This eliminates the need to switch between channels to track the message and understand the sequence.

Challenge #3: Reminder Recall Dilemma

Recalling reminders is one of the biggest challenges in business communication. This is applicable not only for reminders but also for client-related events like birthdays and anniversaries.

Let’s consider a hospital scenario. In the healthcare industry, maintaining strong patient relationships is vital. Many hospitals use CRM systems like Salesforce to manage patient data, including upcoming appointments. While these systems help doctors stay informed about appointments, patients might struggle to recall follow-up checkups. Unfortunately, CRM platforms lack the capability to send convenient reminders to patients.

Lead Manager Ninja also has a solution for this, which is our Event Dashboard feature. By setting up individual patient profiles and adding a dedicated field for upcoming appointment dates, you’re laying the groundwork. Doctors can easily send reminders to patients via their preferred communication channels with just one simple click. With this strategy, no appointments will be missed or forgotten. Additionally, you have the choice to automate this procedure, which eliminates the need for ongoing monitoring. This feature isn’t limited to appointments alone; it can be extended to manage and track any important lead event such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Challenge #4: Absence of Integrated Email Functionality

Even though various communication channels are integrated, the significance of Email, the most widely used business communication method, is ignored. Since most platforms lack an Email feature, businesses that use the Salesforce communication apps must switch between platforms to communicate via Email.

Let’s have a look at a scenario we’re all familiar with, which is the primary motivation behind developing this app. Usually, the sales team of the companies using Salesforce heavily relies on the Salesforce Mobile App for lead communication. While on the move, they often receive notifications and messages from leads. However, when attempting to respond via the Salesforce app, they are redirected to personal Gmail accounts, displaying personal Email IDs instead of the company’s official ones. To resolve this problem, the sales team will have to rush back to their desks and use their desktops for communication. This not only disrupted the workflow but also seemed like an unnecessary hassle just to maintain professional communication.

Lead Manager Ninja has introduced a solution for this problem. With the In-app Email feature, it eliminates the need to hop between applications. You can seamlessly send and receive Emails on the same platform. It also gives you the convenience of being able to respond to your leads using your company’s designated Email address, all without leaving the platform. All Email threads are neatly organized and stored, making it easy to find essential information.

Challenge #5: Device-Dependent Messaging

Imagine you’re on the go with your laptop, but your phone is at home. An important client sends you a text, requesting a product demo. However, you’re unable to access the text since your phone is not with you. This situation poses a challenge for staying responsive to client messages while being away from your mobile device.

With Lead Manager Ninja’s auto-forwarding option- SMS-to-Email and Email-to-SMS active,  you can receive the text messages in your Email inbox, even when you don’t have access to your phone or Salesforce org. This allows you to respond seamlessly to the text message within the Email inbox. And the lead will receive this message in his SMS inbox as if it was sent from your phone. By seamlessly forwarding text messages to your Email and SMS inbox, you can maintain communication effortlessly and ensure that your leads receive prompt and timely responses.

Close Out

In order to establish effective communication with leads, businesses face various challenges. Scattered messages, difficult tracking, low responsiveness, and the absence of Email functionality are some of the major issues they pose. Despite the multitude of available apps, Lead Manager Ninja stands out for its exceptional features. It effectively addresses the common communication woes faced within Salesforce. With Lead Manager Ninja, you get an all-in-one solution that streamlines communication and simplifies the entire process.

If you’re also facing these issues, it’s time to switch to Lead Manager Ninja. With our practical features and reliable 24/7 customer support, you can ensure your communication efforts are always on point.

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