Birth of Lead Manager Ninja

The Story Exploring the Birth of Lead Manager Ninja

WWW: Who, When, Where


The Spark – WHO Sent the Message?

The first ‘W’ – Who, is a puzzle that sales representatives constantly struggle to solve. The ‘Who’ aspect of the WWW challenge became evident when Ksolves’ Founder and CEO, Ratan Srivastava, faced a relatable issue. While on a business trip in the US, he found himself in need of essential company data. He reached out to his Company Secretary for the information. However, upon his return after a week, he faced a frustrating dilemma. The data he had requested was lost in the labyrinth of communication channels- scattered across email, WhatsApp, and SMS. The inability to identify the sender of the information left him in a bind, as he was embarrassed to request the data again. This personal experience triggered a realization – if he faced this challenge, his sales team likely encountered similar difficulties in managing lead communication.

The Catalyst – WHEN Was the Message Sent?

As a true problem solver, Ratan and his team started researching to find a solution. They sought an app that could not only simplify the tracking of ‘who sent the message’ but also address the equally significant ‘When was the message sent’ challenge. The key was to filter out the date and time of each message efficiently. Since Ksolves relied on Salesforce as its CRM, they naturally turned to the Salesforce AppExchange for a solution. Despite days of dedicated research, they hit a roadblock- there was no app that unifies all the communication channels and advanced message timestamp filtering.

The Driver – WHERE Was the Message Shared?

The next challenge they faced was figuring out where messages were shared. With various communication channels available like email, SMS, Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram, and more, it became challenging to locate a specific message because it was scattered across these channels. Ratan himself encountered this problem when he needed to find the message from his company secretary. He had to check his Email and WhatsApp separately just to locate it. Even after extensive research, they couldn’t find an app that brought all these communication channels together within Salesforce.

However, this challenge didn’t discourage them. Instead, it fueled their innovative spirit. They were further motivated by the fact that Ksolves was a Salesforce Crest Partner, equipped with the resources, expertise, and skills needed to create a groundbreaking solution. Inspired by this unmet need and backed by their Salesforce Crest Partnership, they took the initiative, leading to the birth of Lead Manager Ninja.

Lead Manager Ninja is a unified solution that gathers all your lead conversations in one place. It allows you to access various communication channels like email, SMS, WhatsApp, and more, all within a single app. You don’t need to leave Salesforce, whether you’re on a mobile device or a computer, making communication incredibly convenient.

Lead Manager Ninja ensures you’re always in control of your communication. With all conversation history visible in an easy-to-use interface, you’ll never lose track of the details shared with each lead and through which medium. You can easily find out who sent the message and filter out the messages by date, making it effortless to access and manage your lead communication. Imagine your top salesperson is unexpectedly absent, but there’s an ongoing lead conversation that needs attention. Keeping track of past chats, the channels used, and the conversation flow becomes crucial. Even if a new team member takes over, all the necessary communication details are available in one place, preventing any disruptions.

How does it work? Lead Manager Ninja’s All-In-One Inbox feature is a clever solution that consolidates your communication history, regardless of the channel. Whether it’s SMS, WhatsApp, email, or more, you can access and manage conversations seamlessly within a single inbox. This eliminates the need to switch between platforms and keeps your lead communication organized and efficient.

With #1 SMS app for Salesforce, you’ll have a complete history of client interactions across platforms, making it easy to pick up where you left off. This isn’t just an app- it’s your communication ally.


Lead Manager Ninja exemplifies our commitment to innovation and our constant search for digital solutions that enhance business processes. This exceptional Salesforce multichannel communication app provides a single solution for multiple business communication challenges. Stemmed from a fundamental need, Lead Manager Ninja’s inception story reflects the core principle that necessity often drives invention.

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