Lead Manager Ninja's Salesforce Revolution

Lead Manager Ninja’s Salesforce Revolution: The Challenge that Started it all

Business success isn’t a solo act, it’s a beautiful duet between strategy and effective communication. As our digital world evolves, the importance of multichannel communication in businesses grows even stronger. Companies with strong multichannel customer engagement see an average of 9.5% YoY increase in annual revenue, compared to 3.4% for companies with weak multichannel strategies. While this particular fact is about multichannel marketing, it also emphasizes the necessity of multichannel communication in general. This gap is significant and businesses are actively seeking a comprehensive solution to bridge it. Finally, the business world has a solution for this, which is our- Lead Manager Ninja.

It was amidst the challenges faced by the sales team at Ksolves India Limited, a Salesforce Summit Partner, the innovative concept of “Lead Manager Ninja” was born. Lead Manager Ninja stands as a testament to Ksolves’ commitment to excellence. Developed by a team of skilled experts, thoughtfully selected from a pool of over 100+ Salesforce Certified developers, the app was brought to life through collaborative efforts. This powerful multichannel communication app is built to work within the Salesforce platform.

Turning Challenges into Innovation: The Birth of the Lead Manager Ninja

As a public-listed company, our Business Development Head leads a team of skilled sales representatives. Every day, they reach out to hundreds and thousands of potential leads. Messages fly left and right- through SMS, Emails, WhatsApp and more. However, amid all these activities, a problem popped up- the need for streamlined multichannel communication.

Our sales representatives communicated with leads via SMS, Email, WhatsApp, and other means, which resulted in fragmented conversation histories. When a sales representative was unexpectedly unavailable, a gap arose. We required a solution to smoothly transition leads from one sales representative to the next without disturbing or losing the existing conversations. The need to combine communication channels and form a central hub became clear to us. It was critical to establish a centralized repository where these interactions could be easily identified, regardless of the sales representative or channel used.

One day, the lead will be engaged in a conversation with a sales representative “A” and the very next day, this sales representative may not be available, he might be out sick or have simply moved to another company. This is the point at which sales representative “B” must take his place. That’s when things start to get tangled.

Think about it: all those conversations, plans, and commitments are scattered across different channels. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle without all the pieces. Now, imagine the challenges when a new sales representative steps in. What if a client asks about an old promise? Or an upcoming meeting? How could this new representative  possibly know the full story? You need to know exactly what commitments were made with that lead in the past.

The brainchild of our team, Lead Manager Ninja was born to solve this very problem. This advanced business communication solution consolidated multiple communication channels into a single platform, allowing users to communicate with leads without leaving the Salesforce platform. Furthermore, it enabled the tracking of all messages with a lead across many channels into a single inbox.

For example, let’s say you had a meeting set up with a lead on a specific day, but the sales representative is unexpectedly unavailable. In that case, you can easily assign that lead to a new sales representative and you don’t have to struggle to fill them in. They can easily access all the background information on that lead’s conversation history with the help of Lead Manager Ninja. At  no point of the meeting, you would be left clueless.

Innovation was the answer to our universal communication challenge. Lead Manager Ninja originated as a solution that not only simplifies communication but also enables businesses to travel through the complex network of multichannel communication.

“We turned our own business communication challenge into a universal business solution, addressing common issues faced by many.”

Kirti Sharma
Business Development Head, Ksolves

Setting the Standard for Excellence

Let’s address a common question: “Does Lead Manager Ninja have any competitors?” If you’re measuring it by the standard we’ve set, the answer is a resounding “No.” When it comes to handling Email, SMS, and WhatsApp communications, no one does it quite like us. Our application eliminates the need to switch between different platforms or devices.

You can log into your Salesforce app from your phone or your desktop and communicate with your leads via  their preferred communication channel, all within the Salesforce application. This unparalleled level of uninterrupted communication through our Salesforce app is what sets us apart.

With Lead Manager Ninja, you’re not just managing leads, you’re transforming the communication experience that puts you at the forefront of success. No other solution can keep you engaged and connected like we can. We crafted an unmatchable solution, addressing every business communication challenge, resulting in the creation of Lead Manager Ninja, leaving the competition far behind.

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